1. paul vixie

    for clarity the full quote from that article is:

    …that if some country decides some day that ICANN cannot be trusted, and they want to create their own Internet DNS system, I want them to have the necessary expertise and competence and awareness of tradeoffs, in-country, to pursue their own sovereign course. If asked, I would advise such countries that any such independence would be nasty, brutish, and short. But I will not pretend that they have to listen to me.

    the omitted text is in bold.

    • Jorge Merlo

      Deal Paul, Would you say that Regional DNS systems would also fall into such nasty, brutish and short destiny? And, furthermore, is it fisible for any alternative to be more brutal than the current apropiación of intimate personal private data of all Internet users?
      It is clear that Internet surveillance combined with the American system of patents deters anyone to publish anything serious, thus drastically slowing down the pace of scientific research and restricting humanity’s progress.