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Please consider giving to the Internet Governance Project. The work of the IGP is largely behind the scenes but vital. One prominent CSO recently told us the IGP “helps them participate in public fora…from a position of knowledge and strength.”

Your crucial contributions can make a difference too. Your gift will help sustain the IGP’s foundational work which supports the involvement and growth of the public interest advocates in Internet governance and is fostering changes in global Internet policy. You can make a secure, tax deductible donation online, by selecting “Internet Governance Project” under Gift Information on the Syracuse University’s School of Information Studies website. Thank you for your generosity!


Here are just a few areas of many where our work has contributed to strengthening the public interest in Internet governance:

IANA Transition: The NTIA’s historic March 2014 announcement of its intent to “transition key Internet domain name functions to the global multistakeholder community” opened the doors for institutional innovation.  The IGP presciently explored what an IANA post-USG oversight might look like, and has continued to develop and advocate a detailed proposal based on feedback from governments, private-sector, civil society and academic research.

ICANN-DoC Joint Project Agreement: Since it’s inception in 2004, the IGP repeatedly called for the termination of the JPA between DoC and ICANN. Such oversight, we argued, held ICANN hostage to domestic politics and only aggravated international concerns about management of the Internet’s root zone. This fall the Internet community finally realized the goal, ending the JPA.

Internet Governance Forum: The IGF has served an important role in broadening the dialogue on global Internet governance. Since the beginning, we pushed the Forum to address controversial issues, including critical Internet resources and civil liberties, in an open manner. As a result, a space has been created with numerous influential CS advocacy organizations now involved.

CS@ICANN: Our 4-part Field Guide to the Generic Name Supporting Organization (GNSO) Reforms series proved invaluable to CSOs for understanding what was at stake during the formation of the Non-Commercial Stakeholder’s Group at ICANN. According to one global CS network, it allowed them to participate effectively in the ICANN public comment process and to engage the issue of expanding civil society participation in the GNSO. Noncommercial participation within the GNSO has surged, and the ICANN Board has reoriented its approach to the NCSG.

Critical Internet resources: The coordination and management of CIRs are what allow the Internet as a global communications platform to work. By following complex issues like DNS and routing security, IP address scarcity and transition, the introduction of IDNs and new gTLDs, and industry structure issues in depth, the IGP initiates broader dialogue about the political and economic impacts of Internet policy. Our work informs the positions of CSOs, the private sector, governments, and IGOs.