12.2004 A Framework Convention: An Institutional Option for Internet Governance

[Abstract] Author: John MathiasonThe Project releases one of our most significant WSIS contributions: a document calling for an international framework convention on the Internet. The paper, by John Mathiason, compares today's situation to the controversies over climate change in the 1980s. The UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, rather than...

9.2004 Internet Governance: the State of Play

  [Abstract] Author: John Mathiason, Milton Mueller, Hans Klein and Marc HolitscherA comprehensive overview of Internet governance regimes, organizations, issues.Suggested citation: John Mathiason, Milton Mueller, Hans Klein and Marc Holitscher, "Internet Governance: the State of Play" (September 9, 2004). Internet Governance Project. Paper IGP04-001. Available at https://www.internetgovernance.org/pdf/mainreport-final.pdf