GigaNet Conference Brings Academics Together

GigaNet is the “global internet governance academic network,” a new network of researchers in the field of internet governance. GigaNet plans to hold annual conferences preceding the forum and engage in research collaboration and discussion around IG issues. The first GigaNet pre-conference vastly exceeded the expectations of its organizers, filling the room to capacity (80+ people) and provoking many compliments about the value and quality of the presentations and discussions.

ICANN Wants to Become Transparent and Accountable (In a Couple of Months)

Responding to public comments showing widespread reluctance to set ICANN free of the US Government before it improves its accountability and transparency, ICANN issued a call today for public comment on developing transparent and accountable management operating principles (MOPs) for possible adoption in to its Strategic Plan. The organization hopes to start setting “new standards for interactions within the ICANN community and between members of the community and staff” by soliciting responses to a set of questions defining accountability and transparency in the ICANN context. IGP welcomes the effort and hope it comes to fruition. But is it anything more than PR? A short, two-week comment period and ICANN management's apparent belief that they are going to settle on the right principles by early December (!) can only fuel doubts about the sincerity and depth of this effort.

European Commission responds to JPA

Responding to the recently released JPA, EU Commissioner for Information Society and Media Viviane Redding welcomed the "US government's declared intention to grant more autonomy to ICANN and to end its governmental oversight." However, the IGP notes that the new JPA does not introduce any guarantee that the relationship will...

10.2006 The Road to Rio: Results-based Management of the UN Internet Governance Forum

[Abstract] Drafters: John MathiasonConcurring: Milton Mueller, Jeanette Hofmann, Lee McKnight, Derrick Cogburn Over a thousand people are heading to Athens, Greece for the first meeting of the UN-sponsored Internet Governance Forum. Many of them are still fielding doubts or worries about what the outcome of this new multi-stakeholder institution is...