Visitor Center: 1776 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW (Corner of 18th and Penn. Ave.)


Apr 18 2018


04:00 PM - 05:30 PM

Digital Protectionism and Cross Border Data flow: The Role of Civil Society and Netizens in Shaping Digital Trade Agreements

In collaboration with Public Knowledge Foundation, Internet Governance Project has organized a session on Digital Trade Protectionism and Cross-Border Data Flow which will be held at the World Bank Civil Society Policy Forum. Find the full program here:   http://pubdocs.worldbank.org/en/858541522103665286/18SM-CSPF-Full-Schedule.pdf

Session Description: The Internet has enabled the digital economy to flourish at a substantial rate. Other than the economic impacts, the Internet facilitates free flow of information and operates based on the principle of openness. However, we see a trend of digital protectionism in various states that can affect free flow of information on the Internet, hamper freedom of speech and facilitate cyber-nationalism and restrict Internet openness.  Such protectionism can be detected in countries’ move towards data localization and restrictions for online platforms to operate in various countries. Data localization can impact both the digital economy and freedom of speech. Strict intellectual property laws and regulations that do not consider fair use can also affect cross-border data flow. In this session, we discuss the implications of digital protectionisms and the need for civil society organizations to pay attention to regional and global policy processes that affect digital trade.

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