Nov 11 2020


02:10 PM - 03:40 PM

DNS over HTTPS (DoH): Human Rights, Markets, and Governance

UN Internet Governance Forum Workshop #73

A new protocol, DNS over HTTPS (DoH), has emerged as a potentially revolutionary modification to the DNS intended to improve the security and confidentiality of DNS queries. This has resulted in a heated controversy involving Internet service providers (whose DNS would be bypassed by DoH), the browser software and trusted resolver producers (who would have more control over the handling of DNS queries), and governments that use DNS to filter or censor the internet (whose blocking mechanisms would be bypassed). Many users and rights advocates are uncertain about how to approach this controversy. This workshop panel brings together experts and regional perspectives to discuss and interact with the audience on the broader human rights, market concentration, and governance impacts of DoH development and deployment.

Moderator: Jyoti Panday, Georgia Institute of Technology

Panelists: Amod Malviya, Udaan (India); Joey Salazar, Article19; Andrei Robachevsky, Internet Society; Bruna Santos, Coding Rights (Brazil); Alissa Starzak, Cloudflare

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Click here to access the IGF schedule. To attend, you will have to first register for IGF, then click on the Schedule for November 11. Look for workshop 73 which is in Room 2, in the 15:00 UTC time slot.