Jan 08 2024


01:00 PM - 04:00 PM

Navigating Geopolitics in AI Governance Implementation

This two-panel seminar organized by the Oxford Global Society aims to shed light on the interactions between geopolitics and the implementation of AI governance. OGS brings together leading professionals from various countries/regions (e.g., the US, China, Europe) and from different sectors (academia, industry, policy makers, civil society) to better understand the interactions and explore ideas for an implementable global AI governance framework despite geopolitical tensions. Dr. Milton Mueller will serve as panelist.

Panel 1: Understanding the landscape: Geopolitical influences on AI governance Moderator: Prof Robin Mansell (FAcSS, FBA, Professor Emerita of New Media and the Internet, LSE; OXGS Fellow) Speakers: Prof. Milton Mueller (Professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology, Director of GT’s Internet Governance Project) Dr. Gry Hasselbalch (Director of Research, Key Expert at; former EU High-Level Expert Group on AI) Prof. Robert Trager (Co-Director of the Oxford Martin AI Governance Initiative, Senior Research Fellow at the Blavatnik School of Government at Oxford University) Prof. Angela Huyue Zhang (Associate Professor of Law at the University of Hong Kong and Director of the Phillip K. H. Wong Center for Chinese Law)

Panel 2: Towards globally consistent AI governance: Cooperation despite geopolitical tensions Moderator: Claire Milne (MBE, ICT consultant, LSE senior Visiting Fellow, OXGS Senior Advisor) Speakers: Dr Stephen Pattison (Vice President at ARM) Mr Wendell Wallach (Carnegie-Uehiro fellow at Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs) Ms Kayla Blomquist (Co-founder and Director of the Oxford China Policy Lab, DPhil candidate at Oxford Internet Institute) Mr Maxime Ricard (Policy Manager, Allied for Startups

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