May 17 2018


12:00 PM - 01:15 PM

RightsCon Session: Who Did it? Why we need an International Cyber Attribution Organization to address nation-state attacks in cyberspace

IGP has organized this session to explore the feasibility of creating a neutral global institution to perform authoritative public cyber-attributions. Attribution of a cyberattack is important because it contributes to the accountability of actors in cyberspace. The need for it is especially great in the case of nation-state actors. Due to heavy secrecy and mistrust surrounding state security institutions, an attribution made by one nation-state is unlikely to be accepted as neutral and authoritative by other nation-states, especially if those states are rivals or hostile. There are proposals to respond to this beed by creating an independent organization (or set of processes) whose attribution decisions are widely perceived as unbiased, legitimate and valid, even among parties who might be antagonistic (such as rival nation-states). Various commentators on this issue have proposed that this institution exclude governments and be led by experts in academia and business. But would that work in a cyber-environment in which states increasingly assert their power? The session will bring together both advocates and skeptics of the proposal for an international attribution organization to explore its feasibility, its institutional design and whether it will ever get off the ground.

The event will be held at the Beanfield Centre, Princes’ Boulevard, Toronto, ON, Canada.

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