Nov 10 2020


09:10 AM - 10:40 AM

Overcoming the US-China Digital Cold War

UN Internet Governance Forum Workshop #81.

How should Internet governance respond to the intensifying conflict between the US and China? Does the conflict between the US and China threaten to create separate techno-economic infrastructures? Will standards bodies split, will compatibility issues arise? Do cybersecurity concerns really justify economic sanctions, trade barriers and the blocking of information? What forms of peaceful co-existence are possible between the US and Chinese Internets? Between the European and Chinese Internets?

Moderators: Milton Mueller, Georgia Institute of Technology, Peixi XU, Communication University of China
Speakers: Kulesza Joanna, University of Lodz, Poland; Gagliardone Iginio, University of Witswatersrand, South Africa; Jyoti Panday , Internet Governance Project; Feng Guo, Chinese Academy of ICT; Stephen C. Anderson, US State Department; Charles Mok, LegCo, Hong Kong

Click here to access the IGF schedule. To attend, you will have to first register for IGF, then click on the Schedule for November 10. Look for workshop 81 which is in Room 3, in the 14:00 UTC time slot.