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Jun 23 2021 - Jun 25 2021


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Platform Governance by Competing Systems of Political Economy: The US and China

This conference uniquely combines scholars from both countries to compare and contrast the American and Chinese systems of platform governance. Participants will include experts in platform businesses and infrastructure as well as academics specializing in communication-information policy and law, internet governance, international relations, privacy and cybersecurity policy. Recognizing that the digital economy is highly globalized, the conference will also analyze US-China transnational interactions in the platform economy, which includes elements of trade policy, cybersecurity, finance and capital investment regulation that affect the operation and regulation of platforms.

We do not look at platform governance issues in isolation, but consider them to be expressions of two different systems of political economy. The US and China have the two largest and most innovative internet economies, but there are major differences between their political systems, economies, foreign policies and approaches to international law and global governance

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