Nov 13 2020


US Eastern Time shown. UTC is 11:20 am UTC
06:20 AM - 07:50 AM

The interaction of platform content moderation & geopolitics

UN Internet Governance Forum Workshop #254

As state actors increasingly rely on digital platforms for communicating both domestically and across borders, their relationships with platform companies will play an important role in the development of digital media governance frameworks. The role and impact of public-private partnerships in the removal of content and blocking or suspension of pages and accounts become all the more significant in conflicted territories. This panel discussion brings together experts to weigh-in on the role of governments in shaping content moderation decisions by platforms. How are existing and emerging agreements between social media companies and governments shaping the design and enforcement of content moderation standards? What kind of formal and informal arrangements have developed between digital platforms and governments to limit the proliferation of state-backed misinformation/ disinformation, hate speech, and violent or terrorist content? 

Moderator: Jyoti Panday, Georgia Institute of Technology

Panelists: Farzaneh Badii, Social Media Governance Initiative (USA); Varun Reddy, Facebook (India); Pratik Sinha, AltNews (India); Tarleton Gillespie, Cornell University (USA)

Full description:

Click here to access the IGF schedule. To attend, you will have to first register for IGF, then click on the Schedule for November 13. Look for workshop 254 which is in Room 3, in the 11:20 UTC time slot (06:20 to 07:50 US EST)

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