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US-China Platform Governance Conference

IGPs’ annual workshop, to be held June 23 – 25, 2021, is an ambitious attempt to foster scholarly exchanges between Chinese and Western scholars.

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Chinese Data Nationalism Targets Didi Platform

A week after the close of our conference comparing platform governance in the US and China, the Chinese government took another strong action to subordinate one of its major private […]

The Narrative: U.S. Congress “unites” against the platforms; Google (and the European Union) end cookies’ death sentence; Senegal’s data nationalism; China’s digital mercantilism

June 30, 2021 The USG goes after the platforms The attitudinal backlash against digital platforms (Amazon, Apple, Google, Facebook and Twitter) has quickly been translated into public policy. The Biden […]

The Narrative: TikTok still worries the US, US-China conference nears, Bitcoin finds a home, Canada goes nuts

Biden didn’t “revoke” the TikTok ban President Biden issued an executive order June 9 on “Protecting Americans’ Sensitive Data from Foreign Adversaries.” The media widely reported it as “rescinding” or […]

The Narrative (June 03, 2021): Bitcoin and ransomware; IGP’s data enclosure research; WhatsApp backs down on privacy update 

Ransomware fuels talk of Bitcoin ban, Russia and the US clash over YouTube, WhatsApp backtracks on enforcing its new privacy policy, and IGP presents at the PLSC for the first […]

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