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Surprise! National Security Controls on Drones are Harming National Security

Many government controls on the digital economy are justified by national security claims. Too often, these controls are motivated not by sound cybersecurity principles, but by an archaic economic nationalism. […]

IGP to present at National Academies Workshop on Countering Disinformation

Disinformation online, and how it might be addressed, remains a persistent challenge for civil society, firms, and states. Tomorrow, April 10, the National Academies of Sciences will begin a workshop […]

Get the Facts about the TikTok Law

We’d like to make the debate over a TikTok ban a bit more informative than it has been. Because the current law in the U.S. Congress is an unprecedented assertion […]

Yes, it’s a Ban – The Real Story Behind the New TikTok Law

The US Government is seeking new authorities to ban TikTok as a national security threat. If it sounds like deja vu, that’s because it is. In the year and three […]

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