Authors: John Mathiason and Milton MuellerThe United Nations Working Group on Internet Governance (WGIG) has issued its report. After more than eight months of work, WGIG reached consensus on only a few key matters. It remains to be seen whether the report will give governmental, private sector and civil society actors the concepts and consensus needed to navigate successfully the negotiating sessions of the World Summit on the Information Society. The question to be asked now is: quo vadis? Where do we go from here? The report succeeded in supplying a consensus definition of Internet governance, one which we found useful. It also succeeded in identifying a range of important public policy issues. On the key problems of defining roles and responsibilities of actors and proposals for action, however, the WGIG Report provides less clear guidance.Suggested citation: John Mathiason and Milton Mueller, “Internet Governance Quo Vadis? A Response to the WGIG Report” (July 16, 2005). Internet Governance Project. Paper IGP05-006. Available at https://www.internetgovernance.org/pdf/igp-quovadis.pdf