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US-China Platform Governance Conference

IGPs’ annual workshop, held June 23 – 25, 2021, ambitiously brought together Chinese and Western scholars to foster scholarly dialogue on pressing Internet governance issues.

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The Narrative: Unpacking the digital political economy; W3C reinvention; India’s new cybersecurity directive; crypto blender sanctioning

Unpacking the digital political economy As the summer begins, with long awaited in-person conferences and intensive research activity, we are busily developing the Call For Papers for our annual IGP […]

The Declaration for the Future of the Internet

On April 28 the United States released the result of its attempt to rekindle a positive vision for Internet governance. It is called “A Declaration for the Future of the […]

Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Musk?

After two weeks of drama, Elon Musk got Twitter’s management to accept his buyout offer. In a transaction valued at approximately $44 billion, Twitter will become a privately held company wholly […]

Would Forced Interop for Messaging be Pro-Competitive?

For the past year, IGP research has been exploring the interaction of competition policy and cybersecurity/privacy concerns, particularly as it pertains to the large platforms. We have shown how privacy […]

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