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IGP at RightsCon: Online Content Takedown and Censorship

Content moderation online is a hot topic especially after the Christchurch Call, a New Zealand-France joint initiative to eradicate terrorist, violent extremist content online. At RightsCon this year, IGP is […]

Plans to Reform Root Server System Governance

ICANN’s Root Server System Advisory Committee (RSSAC) has published a new proposed governance model for the DNS Root Server System.  Root servers are critical parts of the domain name system. […]

Cyber deterrence and cyber attribution: A Georgia Tech/Aspen Institute event

Georgia Institute of Technology’s School of Public Policy teamed up with the Aspen Institute in Washington to organize an informative discussion of cyber attack deterrence and attribution. The panel included […]

A closer look at the “sovereign Runet” law

In December 2018, a bill on the “stable operation” of the Russian segment of the Internet was introduced and got the title “Sovereign Runet” in mass media and among the public. It […]

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