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New IGP affiliates

Ilona Stadnik and Braxton Moore have recently joined the Internet Governance Project. Ilona is a Fulbright visiting researcher at Georgia Institute of  Technology, Internet Governance Project. During her stay, she […]

A Farewell to Norms

“Keep right on lying to me. That’s what I want you to do.”  ― Ernest Hemingway, A Farewell to Arms Most liberal internationalists, particularly in the United States, are thoroughly committed to […]

Special interests push U.S. Congress to override ICANN’s Whois policy process

Ever since ICANN’s creation, there has been a clash between the protection of personal data and its contractually-required Whois service. Under ICANN contracts, registrars were required to publish sensitive information […]

New IGP White Paper: Is It Time to Institutionalize Cyber Attribution?

Public attribution of cyber incidents to nation-state actors is increasing. It is a challenging and important accountability function that is often performed by a combination of threat intelligence firms or […]

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