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IGPs’ annual workshop, to be held June 23 – 25, 2021, is an ambitious attempt to foster scholarly exchanges between Chinese and Western scholars.

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Made in Russia: Making sense of the Kremlin’s ICT import substitution program

At this point, it’s certainly not news that the Kremlin has been seeking to exert full control over what it regards as its national, Russian-only information space (информационном пространстве). For […]

The Narrative: Facebook and ISOC do not get the Nobel Peace Prize

October 15, 2021 Free expression advocates win Nobel Peace Prize The 2021 Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to journalists Maria Ressa of the Philippines and Dmitry Muratov of Russia. Announcing […]

The Narrative: How not to reform Internet governance

The Tony Blair Institute for Global Change has issued a report “The Open Internet on the Brink: Recommendations for a Future Model.” The report claims to attempt to advance liberal […]

A Modest Suggestion for Facebook’s Oversight Board

Last week Wall Street Journal reporters, relying on an internal whistleblower, released information showing that Facebook has created some exemptions from its own content moderation processes. “Millions of VIP users,” […]

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