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The Dutch in the grip of Internet nationalism

The Netherlands has a reputation for being a liberal, broad-minded place that is open to the world. Its scholars in Internet governance have emphasized the need for a globally recognized […]

Understanding National Security in a Digital Age: Summary of IGP’s 8th Annual Workshop

On November 10, 2023, we convened a diverse group of experts at the National Academies of Sciences in Washington D.C. for our 8th Annual Workshop. Our goal? To examine the […]

Image representing the conceptual shift in platform governance and market dynamics from the Apple App Store to the OpenAI GPT Store.

OpenAI’s GPT Store: New Competition in the Global Digital Economy

OpenAI’s recently launched GPT store potentially marks a significant shift in the global digital economy landscape, presenting a viable competitive threat to established platforms like Apple’s App Store. Competition in […]

When the U.S. Becomes China

Proponents of the view that the U.S. is being economically victimized by China often complain that our market is open and theirs is not. John Lash, an analyst with Dark […]

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