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Confronting Tech Nationalism & Cyber-sovereignty at the Berlin IGF

Next week is the 14th annual meeting of the United Nations Internet Governance Forum. The event will be held in Berlin and is hosted by the German government. IGP has […]

IGF Berlin // Open Work Meeting on Cyber-Accountability: Building Attribution Capability

In a little under two weeks, at the upcoming Internet Governance Forum-Berlin, the Internet Governance Project (IGP) and ICT4Peace Foundation will be holding an open work meeting about the ongoing […]

Show me the market: Technical data helps, but isn’t enough to understand the DoH debate

A presentation at the recent RIPE79 gives us some initial insight into the recursive resolution of Domain Name System (DNS) queries. Who performs recursive resolution and therefore has access to […]

Part 2: Let’s have an honest conversation about Huawei

In the first section of this piece I argued that the anti-Huawei litany only makes sense when one realizes that the Chinese state, not a global telecommunication equipment manufacturer based […]

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