From Internet Governance to Digital Political Economy

IGP will hold its 7th Annual Conference, October 17-18, 2022 in The Hague, Netherlands. We invite scholars and practitioners in business and government to join us in a wide-ranging exploration of its theme: “From Internet Governance to Digital Political Economy.”

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The Narrative: September 15, 2023

Reports on the evolving digital political economy A Victory for Free Speech on Social Media A federal appeals court has upheld a finding that U.S. federal officials violated the First […]

UN Cybercrime negotiations: No outcome may be the best outcome

The first day of September this year marked the end of the sixth round of negotiations of the UN Ad Hoc Committee (AHC) on Cybercrime. The two weeks of debates […]

Webinar Analyzing India Stack

In an era where digitalization is rapidly transforming societies and economies, the question of digital sovereignty has taken center stage. How can nations harness the power of technology while safeguarding […]

The Narrative: September 1, 2023

Reports on the evolving digital political economy Human Authorship and AI Images A lot of bad policy about AI is being made because people are overstating its risks. These overstatements […]

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