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US-China Platform Governance Conference

IGPs’ annual workshop, to be held June 23 – 25, 2021, is an ambitious attempt to foster scholarly exchanges between Chinese and Western scholars.

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The Narrative: European DNS policy, Apple & competition, Ukrainian cyber incidents, new IGP paper

Europe’s industrial policy for recursive DNS The European Commission’s 2020 Data Strategy is intended “to make the EU a leader in a data-driven society [by] creating a single market for […]

Biden’s Alliance for the Future of the Internet: Mandate for a Split?

Representatives of the Biden administration are now saying that its “Alliance for the Future of the Internet” will be launched “in coming weeks.” Despite our earlier article indicating that the […]

The Narrative: ICANN, ICANN and more ICANN

1 January, 2022 Happy New Year! To start off 2022 we look back – and forward – at the granddaddy of Internet governance issues, domain names. TLDs go Hippety Hop […]

IGP partners discuss the 2021 UN Internet Governance Forum

Jyoti Panday, Brenden Kuerbis, Milton Mueller and Daniel Perez Fernandez debrief on the 16th UN IGF. On the agenda: hybrid meetings, confusion about digital sovereignty, assessing multistakeholder initiatives in content […]

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