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From Internet Governance to Digital Political Economy

IGP will hold its 7th Annual Conference, October 17-18, 2022 in The Hague, Netherlands. We invite scholars and practitioners in business and government to join us in a wide-ranging exploration of its theme: “From Internet Governance to Digital Political Economy.”

US-China Platform Governance Conference

IGPs’ annual workshop, held June 23 – 25, 2021, ambitiously brought together Chinese and Western scholars to foster scholarly dialogue on pressing Internet governance issues.

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The Narrative: CHIPS Act passes; China’s new data strategy; Google & 3rd party cookies; India reconsiders data localization

What do you do when the chips are down? Samsung warned that chip demand will weaken if the global economy downturns. Intel also reported disastrous quarterly results this week highlighting […]

The Narrative: TikTok Again; Data Localization Fail; Europe Finds Regulatory Nirvana; Digital Advertising Competition

China Hawks Revive Trump’s Tiktok Gambit FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr is trying very hard to revive former President Donald Trump’s TikTok ban. Even as the House January 6 Committee explores […]

The Narrative: ‘Global’ data rules exclude China & Russia; India’s censorship; CBDC momentum

June 30, 2022 IGP’s Annual Conference We’ve extended the deadline for submitting proposals to our annual workshop: From Internet Governance to Digital Political Economy. The event will be held in […]

Where Does India’s Sovereignty-based Approach Lead Us?

In 2018, violent clashes broke out between upper caste Hindu and Dalit groups at Bhima Koregaon village in India during an annual ​​celebratory gathering to commemorate the historic battle between […]

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