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New ORG Stewards? Or Vultures Circling?

The controversy over the sale of ORG has taken an ugly turn. As we have made clear in several blog posts related to the sale, what registrants need is not […]

The Tech Nationalism Workshop at IGF Berlin

The past years have been turbulent for trade and the digital economy. While protectionist agendas are affecting trade generally, the problem is compounded when national cyber security concerns are linked […]

ICANN Told to Make Ethos Capital Conform to Original ORG RFP Criteria

ICANN’s Noncommercial Stakeholders Group (NCSG) has sent a letter to the ICANN board asking it to enter into negotiations with Ethos Capital to ensure that its operation of the ORG […]

Town Hall Meeting on .ORG at IGF 2019

The UN Internet Governance Forum demonstrated its utility as a forum for bringing together relevant parties for negotiations and discussions yesterday. A snap “town hall” meeting convened about 50 civil […]

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