Drafter: Milton MuellerConcurring: John Mathiason, Jeanette Hofmann, Lee McKnight, Derrick Cogburn, Hans Klein

The backers of the controversial .xxx domain have negotiated a new contract with ICANN. Although final approval of the contract is still vehemently opposed by an amusing alliance of anti-pornography conservatives and pornographers with investments in existing adult domain names, chances are now good that it will finally succeed in gaining the approval of the ICANN Board.

What are the implications of this probable resolution of the .xxx drama for the Internet and Internet governance? They are major. But no one seems to be talking about them.

Suggested citation: Milton Mueller, “Triple X, Internet Content Regulation and the ICANN Regime” (January 14, 2007). Internet Governance Project. Paper IGP07-001. Available at https://www.internetgovernance.org/pdf/new-xxx-contract.pdf