As reported
by CNet, GoDaddy, the world's largest domain name registrar, pulled a
well known security website's domain name ( last week
after receiving a complaint from MySpace. MySpace, a popular social
networking site, complained that sensitive, but not necessarily
illegal, user information was being displayed improperly.,
which archives numerous security oriented mailing lists and is run by CPSR
Board Member Fyodor Vaskovich, was taken down with minimal notice
according to Vaskovich. Eventually, the domain name record was
restored, and the site's URL made resolvable. The incident highlights
issues of Internet governance, the nature of private contracts, and
ramifications for free speech. While GoDaddy was well within its Terms
of Service to do what it did, its actions do not bode well for free
speech advocates as communications of all kinds move to the Internet.
Of course, given the contractual nature of GoDaddy and Vaskovich's
relationship, he is now allegedly seeking another service provider.