Milton Mueller will present (via webcast) the paper “Scarcity in IP addresses: IPv4 Address Transfer Markets and the Regional Internet Address Registries” at an upcoming ITU Workshop on IPv6. The presentation is scheduled for Thursday, September 4, 2008 at 14:15 UTC (10:15 EST) during Session 3: “Economic dimension of IPv6 adoption. What is at stake?” A link to the webcast will be posted here on the day of the workshop. The draft agenda is available here.

The workshop, to be held 4 — 5 September in Geneva, Switzerland, will provide a platform for dialogue where key players in the field, including all ITU sectors, as well as other interested entities will be able to discuss and address international public policy issues on the migration to IPv6, as well as the economic aspects related to IP address allocation. It is designed to stimulate discussion and interaction with the audience, rather than a string of presentations and speeches provided by panelists and speakers.