Please join the monthly ICANN Noncommercial Users Constituency (NCUC) meeting:

Date: Monday 1 June 2009

07:00-09:00 California
10:00-12:00 New York
14:00-16:00 UTC
15:00-17:00 London
16:00-18:00 Geneva
21:00-23:00 Phnom-Penh
22:00-24:00 Singapore

Via: Attendee(s) may join the meeting online using Elluminate online meeting software. Please click on this link to access the meeting. This is an open meeting. Attendees will need to provide their name, but won't need a password to login. (If this is your first time using Elluminate, view support information here.)


Draft Discussion Agenda for June NCUC Monthly Meeting

I. Substantive Policy Discussions
1. GNSO Restructuring Discussion
2. Introduction of New gTLD Policy Concerns (IRT “team”, MAPO)
3. Registrant Rights Charter Discussion
4. Update on other GNSO teams (whois, post-expiry domain names recovery, travel policy, RAA)

II. NCUC Administrative / Constituency Business
1. NCUC Representation on GNSO Committees / Working Groups
2. Recruiting New NCUC Members & Participants
3. Planning for 21-26 June Sydney ICANN Meeting
4. Next NCUC Monthly Meeting: 23 JUNE 2009 (Tuesday “Constituency Day” at ICANN Meeting)
5. Any Other Business