Many thanks to our readers, both old and new, from civil society, industry and governments all over the world. Interest in IGP's work continues to grow dramatically, visits were up
over 70% in 2009. Reflecting the growth of the Internet and those
impacted by its governance, two-thirds of IGP's visitors come from
outside the United States (although Washington DC is definitely
following us). The greatest growth is among the BRICs, with visits from
China up over 8000%. Here's to another year of in-depth coverage and analysis of global Internet governance developments!

Top 10 IGP Blog Posts

1. Revenge of the .xxx domain? (23 January)
2. Top Internet Governance Issues to Watch in 2009 (9 January)
3. A more detailed look at the proposed Cybersecurity Act of 2009 (3 April)
4. Taking a Hard Look at the “Affirmation” (30 September)
5. ICANN gets “securitized” (2 April)
6. Under pressure from trademark interests, ICANN undoes the GNSO reforms (13 July)
7. The IGF and the Internet Society-ITU rivalry (20 November)
8. Will Rod Beckstrom replace Twomey? (10 June)
9. Consumer Fraud (22 September)
10. WIPO the cybersquatter (5 March)

Top 10 IGP Paper Downloads

1. Comments of the Internet Governance Project on the ICANN transition
2. Net Neutrality as Global Principle for Internet Governance
3. Internet Governance: the State of Play
4. Regional Address Registries, Governance and Internet Freedom
5. Comments of the Internet Governance Project on Enhancing the Security and Stability of the Internet's Domain Name and Addressing System
6. Scarcity in IP addresses: IPv4 Address Transfer Markets and the Regional Internet Address Registries
7. Appraising the Success of the Internet Governance Forum
8. ICANN, Inc.: Accountability and participation in the governance of critical Internet resources
9. Political Oversight of ICANN: A Briefing for the WSIS Summit
10. Securing The Root: A Proposal For Distributing Signing Authority

Top Countries by Visitors

1. United States
2. United Kingdom
3. Canada
4. France
5. Netherlands
6. India
7. Australia
8. Germany
9. Switzerland
10. Belgium
11. China
12. Egypt
13. Spain
14. Brazil
15. Romania
16. Japan
17. Russia
18. Turkey
19. Italy
20. South Korea