What can we do to stop the militarization of cybersecpace by States? One answer might be convening a transnational cyber attribution organization. States need to be held accountable if they carry out cyber attacks. However, up until now, this has not been feasible. The infeasibility does not mean that cyberattribution does not take place at all. Cyberattribution is not impossible anymore. There are cyberattribution efforts in place carried out by various nations and security firms. However, such processes might not be seen as legitimate internationally since the attribution is carried out by the institutions of the attacked nation states. To overcome this hurdle, scholars, as well as the private sector (mainly Microsoft recently), have been discussing the possibility of convening such an organization. As one of its main research topics, IGP is carrying out research and organizes sessions about cyberattribution. One of our recent papers, presented at the International Studies Association showed empirically that nonstate actors might not have enough incentives to carry out cyberattribution. We are continuing our research on cyberattribution and focussing on more scholarly work but we also engage in organizing sessions at various Internet governance events to help with advancing this discussion further. At RightsCon, we have organized a session that will discuss the idea of cyberattribution organization. Join us on Thursday 17 May at 12 pm. For more information about the session, go to http://sched.co/EHn5