The Internet Governance Forum (IGF), which will be held online in 2020, opens officially November 9. IGP has organized a panel on DNS over HTTPS (DoH): Human Rights, Markets, and Governance. The aim of the panel is to build awareness of how the Internet’s technical standards and transnational governance impact markets and influence privacy, freedom of speech and association. The session explains how the new DoH standard, which protects domain name queries, affects fundamental issues in Internet governance such as cybersecurity and human rights, while taking into account economic incentives and institutional constraints that result in emergent forms of actor behavior like standards adoption.

This panel will focus on critical examination of the issues raised by the development and deployment of DoH, particularly its impact on human rights, market concentration, and governance. Panelists and the audience members will discuss the implications of DoH adoption for network/user security and privacy, as well as the organization of the markets for browsers and operating systems, ISPs, network security products and services, and public and managed DNS. We will focus on  the potential impacts of the adoption of DoH on domestic regulatory compliance (e.g., censorship, data logging, privacy). The group will also consider the extraterritorial effects of DoH adoption (e.g., freedom of expression, intellectual property protection) and explore some recent decisions by states. 


  • Brenden Kuebris, IGP
  • Jyoti Panday, IGP


  • Amod Malviya, Udaan (India)
  • Joey Salazar, Article19
  • Andrei Robachevsky, Internet Society
  • Bruna Santos, Coding Rights (Brazil)
  • Alissa Starzak, Head of Policy, Cloudflare

The panel (#73) will be held Wednesday, 11 November, 2020 – 15:10 to 16:40 UTC. Mark your calendars!