For those of you who prefer text to videos, and the enhanced possibilities of editing for clarity and conciseness, we now make available edited transcripts of two riveting discussions on the definition of the field from our conference in The Hague.

This includes the initial panel discussion featuring Tatiana Tropina, Milton Mueller, Jan Aart Scholte, Louise Hurel and Michel van Eeten. It also includes the free-ranging presentation/discussion with Professor Laura DeNardis, one of the leaders of the field.

“I like the term Internet governance a lot,” DeNardis said. “I think that Russia would love for us to not use the term Internet governance anymore. And I think that China would love for us to not use the word Internet governance anymore.” Dr Mueller replied, “I do not share the fear many of the people in the community have about [changing the label]. I know that there are threats of greater state intervention and authoritarianism in the digital world. We have been studying these threats carefully; they are fundamentally geopolitical and political economic. That is why I prefer the term digital political economy.”