Dr. Michel J.G. van Eeten


Associate Professor, Delft Technological University


Michel J.G. van Eeten is Associate Professor at the Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management, Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands. He also teaches in several executive education programs at the Netherlands School of Public Administration in the Hague.

His research has been focused on the reliability and security of critical infrastructures, most recently on the issue of internet security. Recent work as a policy analyst includes advice for a variety of infrastructure operators and service providers in telecommunications, rail transportation, electricity provision, water supply and financial services. Currently, he is a consultant for the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and the OECD Working Party on Information Security and Privacy on the economics of malware.

Notable publications include:

  • Van Eeten, Michel, Johannes Bauer, Mark de Bruijne, John Groenewegen, Wolter Lemstra, (2008), Economics of Malware: Security Decisions, Incentives and Externalities, OECD STI Working Paper 2008/1JT032467, Paris: Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.
  • De Bruijne, Mark and Michel van Eeten, (2007), Systems that Should Have Failed Critical Infrastructure Protection in an Institutionally Fragmented Environment, Journal of Contingencies and Crisis Management 15 (1): 18-29.
  • Van Eeten, Michel, Hans de Bruijn, Mirjam Kars, Haiko van der Voort, (2006), The Governance of Cybersecurity: A Framework for Policy, International Journal of Critical Infrastructures 2 (4): 357-378.
  • Roe, Emery, Paul Schulman, Michel van Eeten and Mark de Bruijne, (2005), High Reliability Bandwidth Management in Large Technical Systems , Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, 15(1): 263-280.
  • Van Eeten, Michel and Emery Roe, (2002), Ecology, Engineering and Management: Reconciling Ecosystem Rehabilitation and Service Reliability, Oxford: Oxford University Press.