The Cybersecurity Executive Orders: A Tale of Two Trumps

One of President Trump’s planned Executive Orders was on Cybersecurity. Two weeks ago, a draft was circulating – but it was never signed and released.

Last week, a new draft was leaked. While we can’t verify its validity, the leaker is a well-connected Beltway consultant with ties to the Heritage Foundation; he claims he has received the draft text from 3 different sources.

We did a side-by-side comparison of the two drafts. There is a huge difference. It’s like night and day, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, or maybe Steve Bannon and Paul Ryan. The first draft managed to be both aggressively nationalistic and short on useful substance.

The second draft is calmer, more focused and better-informed; it reads like it was vetted and amended by an interagency task force that included the Commerce Department, NIST, the State Department and the tech industry and not just the Administration, the military and DHS.

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Internet governance and Trump’s assault on international travel

We join the chorus of protest and outrage caused by the Trump administration’s Executive Order on immigration. In the name of protecting the country from terrorism, the Order restricted travel from 7 arbitrarily-designated countries, and has even refused entry to people with well-established legal immigrant status, such as Green Card holders. Even after the intervention of the courts and a minor backing down by the Secretary of Homeland Security, Green Card holders from the designated countries can still be subject to “case by case” scrutiny and crippling uncertainties and threats regarding their travel and their ability to live and work in this country. Continue reading