Disinformation online, and how it might be addressed, remains a persistent challenge for civil society, firms, and states. Tomorrow, April 10, the National Academies of Sciences will begin a workshop on Evolving Technological, Legal and Social Solutions to Counter Disinformation in Social Media. The workshop will feature two days of interactive brainstorming to foster new research and collaborations and build implementable solutions for a whole-of-society approach to mitigating disinformation and its detrimental effects. IGP researchers Dr Brenden Kuerbis, School of Public Policy PhD student Seungtae Han, and SPP/CS undergrad Amulya Panakam were selected to present their idea for governing disinformation in nuclear emergencies.. Rather than assuming that disinformation in social media is unique, they suggest it is helpful to ground analysis in communications studies and political economy. This approach emphasizes states’ strategic and systematic use of propaganda. Initial findings suggest the need for a neutral, non-state-led networked governance structure that brings relevant experts together and combines social science, non-regulatory, and technical approaches to observe and counter the threat.  The workshop is open to the public with the full agenda available here, and you can register to attend virtually here: https://events.nationalacademies.org/41384_04-2024_evolving-technological-legal-and-social-solutions-to-counter-disinformation

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