We’d like to make the debate over a TikTok ban a bit more informative than it has been. Because the current law in the U.S. Congress is an unprecedented assertion of government control over a social media app, the stakes are too high to continue with simplistic “TikTok is digital fentanyl” type of assertions. Wednesday, April 10, IGP’s experts Jyoti Panday and Milton Mueller will answer questions about the app, the law targeting it, and the broader implications of such an intervention. We will be joined by TikTok’s regulatory affairs person, David Lieber and there may be an appearance from a U.S. Senator. Register here https://bit.ly/TikTokAMA for IGP’s “Ask Me Anything” webinar about the law targeting TikTok. It takes place April 10, 15:00 U.S. Eastern Daylight time.
At the International Studies Association annual convention in San Francisco,  a former member of the intelligence community – and someone sympathetic to a ban – expressed surprise and dismay at “the poor job the U.S. government is doing making its case.” We agree: the Biden administration Justice Department has not been clear about what it’s underlying goal is. Indeed, it has been non-transparent, manipulative and inaccurate in its public communications about the issue. As evidence, we note that the Justice Department, which has always been ready to issue derogatory PR announcements in public or provide classified briefings, did not even respond to an invitation to participate in our event to answer questions. We also note that (as has been the case for over a year) none of the Congressional sponsors of the bills have been willing to enter debates about them or even discussions of them when critics have an opportunity to be involved.  We’re doing our best to rectify that problem. Join us.

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