The Global Internet Governance Academic Network (GigaNET) is a scholarly community that promotes the development of Internet Governance as a recognized, interdisciplinary field of study and facilitates informed dialogue on policy issues and related matters between scholars and governments, international organizations, the private sector and civil society. On behalf of the Program Committee, we are pleased to announce the Call for Papers to the IV Annual Giganet Sympoium which will take place on November 14, 2009 – one day before the fourth UN Internet Governance Forum, in Sharm-El Sheik, Egypt.

This year’s symposium will cover such topics as:

  • What is Internet Governance?
  • Internet Governance, International Law and Multistakeholderism
  • Cyber-security and the Internet
  • New Approaches to Internet Governance and Social and Economic Development

In addition, Dr. Ronald J. Deibert and Rafal Rohozinski will give the keynote presentation, “Beyond Denial: Introducing the Next Generation of Internet Controls.” Deibert is Professor and Director of The Citizen Lab, Munk Centre for International Studies at the University of Toronto, Canada and Rohozinski is CEO at Psiphon Inc., Principal and CEO at The SecDev Group, located in Ottawa, Canada.

Attendance at the GigaNet Annual Symposium is free of charge, but requires advance registration. This year, facilities for remote participation will be provided so that those unable to physically attend can present or observe.

Read the entire CFP here. [pdf]

The deadline for submissions has been extended: Interested scholars should submit abstracts of research papers by July 15, 2009.