We are all waiting for the other shoe to drop – i.e., for the NTIA to formally release the actual document that constitutes the “Affirmation of Commitments” that will replace the Joint Project Agreement. We have a pretty good idea what's in it but at this point it's best to wait for the official release. Once it is, IGP's crack team of ICANN-analysts stands ready to provide commentary and analysis of it. Call us at +1.202.657.5881 or email info {at} internetgovernance.org. While you're waiting, be amused with Jeremy Rabkin's quip about the new title for the Agreement. An “Affirmation of Commitment,” he said, sounds a lot like marriage vows exchanged by same-sexers in a state where gay marriage is not yet legal. It's sort of like a legal vow, but not quite, and no doubt some conservative types will find it all a bit strange. Internet governance is getting so New Age.

1 thought on “Ask us about ICANN's, um, “affirmation”

  1. Did you all get your engraved invitations to the ICANN GALA Divorce Party ?
    It really will be a nice end to a 10+ year run. ICANN sure had people fooled. Cerf and Crocker
    were still running that same old “Internet Culture”
    show at the U.S. Capital.
    MOVIE at 11
    Pay no attention to the fact that all of the speakers
    have some direct link to the ICANN domain and
    IP address tax cash cows.

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