The US government has pushed back the date of DNSSEC implementation at the root zone by two weeks. The announcement, made at ICANN's “Root DNSSEC” web site, was vague about the reasons, saying only that it was “for further analysis” and to “finalize testing.” In a more important move, which may or may not be related, ICANN said that:

“the U.S. Commerce Department will issue a public notice announcing the publication of the joint ICANN-VeriSign testing and evaluation report as well as the intent to proceed with the final stage of DNSSEC deployment. As part of this notice the DoC will include a public review and comment period prior to taking any action.”

The existing plans for signing the root and deploying DNSSEC at the root zone were imposed on ICANN and its community by the U.S. government as a product of closed negotiations between the Commerce Department, VeriSign and ICANN.

The political and governance implications of DNSSEC implementation are still hotly debated. The comments IGP filed in November 2008 are still relevant in this regard. Some (mostly people in the U.S. military and government) feel that it will increase the security of a critical infrastructure, while many outside the U.S., especially governments, fear that the US Government is pushing it because it solidifies its control of the Internet's critical naming infrastructure (the Domain Name System). A public comment period may give some outlet to these concerns.

4 thoughts on “Finally, a public comment on root zone signing implementation

  1. There is a Google video where Steve Crocker
    explains in some detail how Vinton Cerf “cooked up” DNSSEC.
    It is a distraction, just like IDNs cooked up by Cerf
    and Klensin.
    Weapons of Mass Distraction – Keep people from
    focusing on real issues.

  2. Watch and listen to the video.
    No mention it is a very OLD and known problem.
    Focus on “rocketing” to high levels of government.
    Everything Cerf and Crocker cook up is at “high levels”.
    Crocker states the solution was obvious. Really ?
    Why was such a poor solution selected ? Why
    does he state how embarrassing it was how long
    it took ?
    Looking at the very big picture, there is also no
    mention that NOT using poison-able roots makes
    sense. Cerf and Crocker can of course NOT
    imagine their flawed and dated technology being used. They have been locked at the hip since they
    were 15 years old in high school. Dig up the
    interview where Cerf states that is when he started
    his 3-piece suit distraction.
    It is all a series of distractions & manipulations – Thanks for playing

  3. Note also several things about that Video Series.
    The MC is Diffie who Cerf has now planted at ICANN.
    More distractions and theater. The CEO calls him GOD?
    Diffie admits he has not done anything for decades.
    Watch and listen to the video.
    In the related video, note Tina Dam. Does she
    provide private briefings to other companies ?
    Why Google ? Listen to Cerf's comments.
    Also there was 007 Tony Rutkowski ?
    One has to wonder what Google and Verisign
    plus Yahoo and Microsoft are cooking up. They
    will of course have their ICANN puppet show
    to broadcast their (Vint's) solutions.

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