Civil society organizations within ICANN have been holding a vote on the adoption of a new charter to form the Noncommercial Stakeholders Group (NCSG). Today, it was announced that the charter was successfully ratified. Approval of the charter required that at least 60% of the entire membership of the Noncommercial stakeholders vote in favor of the charter. Of the total 314 votes possible, 225 votes were cast – a very good turnout that constitutes 72% of the total. Of the 225 votes cast, 215 voted in favor of the charter and only 10 votes were cast against it. That means that over 95% of the civil society groups involved in ICANN's GNSO support the proposed charter. ICANN's Board will now have to recognize that it's time to let the NCSG move forward as a community.

18 thoughts on “Civil society orgs in ICANN overwhelmingly approve GNSO charter

  1. “ICANN's Board will now have to recognize that it's time to let the NCSG move forward as a community.”
    OK, where does the “community” plan to “move forward” to ?
    Overheard: (New ICANN CEO) – “Hey Peter, catch
    this, they are begging us to ALLOW THEM to
    move forward and they are paying us millions
    of dollars for that.”
    Fools and their money…

  2. .PORK Did you vote on any of this ?
    “The design of the overall system requires ICANN to execute a ceremony like this one four times per year. The next ceremony is scheduled to take place on July 12 in El Segundo, California, where ICANN has built a second facility.”

  3. “We invite you to join us in Atlanta, October 3-5, 2010, for NANOG50. This will be the third NANOG meeting in Atlanta and NANOG's eighth back-to-back meeting with ARIN, the American Registry for Internet Numbers. ARIN XXVI follows on October 6-8”

  4. “> ICANN staff's manipulation thrives in a communication vacuum. And
    > they do work closely with the commercial constituencies on how to
    > shape the noncommercial space.”
    ICANN Staff is paid 4 or 5 times the norm.
    A $60,000 non-profit staffer might extract $300,000 from ICANN each year.
    ICANN is all about For Profit for a few – nothing new

  5. ISOC feeding BBC DNSSEC Spin

    “DNSSEC will improve the security of the web so we can have more confidence in the activities on the network as it increasingly becomes part of our working lives and home lives,” said Leslie Daigle the chief internet technology officer at the Internet Society, which is the home of the standards body that developed DNSSEC.

  6. El Segundo, California???….
    2141 Rosecrans Avenue, #2020
    El Segundo, CA. 90245

  7. Whois ICANN Sleeping With ? in Brussels
    Self-Governance does not work.

  8. Another ICANN wraps up and people escape for their Summer junkets in Europe.
    Domain name Registrants once again fund a bunch of self-appointed .NET Czars.
    Watch for several new non-profits to emerge as more and more people get in on the public benefit tax-&-spend game.

  9. http://IANA.INC
    BOF time and place Yurie Ito – Jun 20, 2010 1:59 AM PDT
    The BOF room is reserved on 22nd Tuesday 1800pm
    At: Room 313/315 on the 3rd floor at Square Brussels Meeting Centre (ICANN meeting venue)
    Note: Mike Palage claims the IANA accounts for $60,000,000 in annual revenue. That should cover 60 ICANN people in the lifestyle they prefer.

  10. $15,000,000 per year Income is Top IANA Echelon
    Someone once said: “Money is not everything, but it is sure a good way to keep score.”
    ICANN watchers may note that the Top IANA Echelon are now banking about $15,000,000 per year. People are seeing Staff changes and people moving from one company to another (PIR->.CO) to continue to seek the highest levels.
    With only $1,000,000 per year, ICANN Staffers likely consider that a modest compensation, non-profit of course plus travel and perks.

  11. “Joint #ISOC / #ICANN board meeting”
    Cozy very Cozy
    Anyone have a spare $15,000,000 to toss around ?

  12. Does ICANN Plan to Become Irrelevant ?
    Paul Vixie commonly expresses concerns about his various activities “remaining relevant”.
    ICANN does not seem to care. Could it be because they are paid either way ?
    At what point does Verisign ask, “what value is ICANN?”
    At what point do the remaining Relevant-Registrars (5 or 6 of them?) ask, “what value is ICANN?”
    Neustar already sees the light and has .CO on a non-ICANN path along with .US. They appear to be interested in remaining relevant.

  13. By Jonathan Zuck
    A Modest Proposal for ICANN
    “If they truly wish to be treated like a nonprofit, rather than a regulator, there is a very simple solution: make all contributions strictly voluntary.”

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