Perhaps it's summertime blues, DNSSEC-fatigue, or simply recognition of fait accompli, but the comment period for NTIA's notice of intent to proceed with the final stages of Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) implementation in the authoritative root zone has passed with only a handful of comments submitted. (although there seems to be some fishing going on for support) Root server operator Autonomica, registry operators Nominet and Neustar, AT&T, as well as Paypal and Connotech were generally supportive of the action and congratulatory toward NTIA, VeriSign and ICANN. However, one commenter criticized that the “US government crypto culture tainted the detailed arrangements.” Paypal offered its support, but with a caveat, saying

We endorse DNSSEC Implementation in the Authoritative Root Zone with the proviso that this is not viewed as an end state but rather a “final stage” of “an interim approach to meet a pressing need”. We are certain that NTIA recognizes security of the Internet is an ongoing process requiring continual review and periodic change.
As stated in our comments to the original Notice of Inquiry, we remain convinced that “vesting control of root zone signing in one entity is too tempting an attack target and too subject to political pressure from a single government or entity.” We continue to believe that some form of M-of-N signing is a preferred longer-term mechanism, and encourage NTIA to work with the Internet community to further develop such an approach.

We're not too optimistic about such a change once the process is in place. ICANN, NTIA and VeriSign plan to sign the root on July 15.

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9 thoughts on “NTIA's NOI on signing the root goes mostly unnoticed

  1. Unfortunately this particular type of implimentation of DNSSEC is dependant of third party 'look aside' servers which may or may not be updated to proper status. Ergo seems that yet another layer of trust or lack there of will soon exist and will at some point be recognized and exposed more fully in due time.

  2. The National Institute of
    Standards and Technology (NIST), the
    National Telecommunications and
    Information Administration (NTIA), and
    the International Trade Administration
    (ITA), on behalf of the U.S. Department
    of Commerce (Department), will hold a
    public meeting on July 27, 2010, to
    discuss the relationship between
    cybersecurity in the commercial space
    and innovation in the Internet economy.
    DATES: The meeting will be held on July
    27, 2010, from 9 a.m. to 4:45 p.m.,
    Eastern Daylight Time. Registration will
    begin at 8:30 a.m.

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