Elliot Noss, president and CEO of Canadian-based registrar Tucows, describes the real meaning of the ICANN Board’s new gTLD vote in Singapore.

1 thought on “Interview: The real meaning of the ICANN’s new gTLD vote

  1. It’s somewhat optimistic to believe that a single (non-profit?) organisation like ICANN can cage and control the Internet and then balance the multitude of laws, regulation, interests and opinion that span the globe.
    This task is made even harder when ICANN continues to try and convince everyone they're the only game in town. It's rather like telling people that the only place they can shop on the entire planet is the local Safeway (local to whom?) and that there really is nowhere else to go. Of course this is nonsense and it’s just another one of the reasons why interest in Alternative Domain Names Systems is growing.
    Internet users can already create their own set of Top Level Domains in any language, at no cost and without reference to ICANN simply by opting to register NON-ICANN Dashcom (not Dotcom) domain names. Dashcoms are more memorable and relevant web addresses such as “sports-com“, “live-music” and “social-network”. Here is a part of the Internet that’s totally outside ICANN's control yet able to exist quite happily alongside it. At present, resolution is via an APP, but new ISP links are coming online to negate that need (links that of course will also be available to ICANN).
    It’s only a matter of time before other new options surface, and none of them will have anything to with ICANN

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