A mysterious email arrived in my inbox, and that of at least one other Internet freedom fighter last night at 11:29 pm Eastern daylight time. It is CWG-WCIT12 TEMPORARY DOCUMENT 64, a 67 page pdf. All I can tell you is that it did not come from the ITU and it did not come from the U.S. government.

I just want to assure everyone that I have checked this document carefully to make sure that it does not contain a Stuxnet-like worm, the circulation of which will devour the entire Internet and hurtle us back to the days of Post, Telephone and Telegraph monopolies running circuit-switched TDMA.

You can never be too careful with those ITU people.

Dated 3rd May, 2012, it is a compilation of all the proposals to amend the International Telecommunication Regulations that will be discussed at the June 20-22 Council Working Group meeting.


A blog post with our interpretation of the proposed regs is on its way. Happy reading.


4 thoughts on “TD 64 for breakfast

  1. TD-64 – Yawn – same tired old  talk (generated at huge tax-payer expense) about accounting rates, security, spam etc…there’s nothing new here – old technology issues being chased by aging bureaucrats. Let’s move on, let the ITU die a quiet death…It was relevant when communications was expensive, relied on scarce resources and transit routes through neighbouring countries. In the age of abundance the ITU is simply not needed anymore, and its processes are a huge waste of money, better spent on infrastructure for remote communities.

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