The impact of ICANN’s U.S. jurisdiction has been a subject of intense debate. Some say it doesn’t matter, some say it does. The time to provide evidence of domain name related problems caused by ICANN’s jurisdiction has arrived. If your domain names were confiscated because you live in a country sanctioned by the U.S., or you had trouble applying for new gTLDs, or you faced other domain name related issues because of ICANN’s jurisdiction, now is the time to come forward and tell your stories to an ICANN working group on jurisdiction.  You can review and respond to the questions asked by the group at this link The deadline for submissions is 17 April 2017.

This is a great opportunity to fix the jurisdictional problems through an  ICANN process. And it is the most realistic and achievable way. If you do not want to disclose your name you can contact IGP at with your story and we will relay your message to the jurisdiction group for consideration. But please provide as much verifiable public information as possible.

Remember: if you do not report your issues, ICANN and the community will not be able to solve them.

1 thought on “ICANN jurisdiction and domain name issues: Report your problems

  1. Good morning friends,
    It’s really disgusting that the domain name search feed is monitored and the registrar itself preoccupies the domain name searched on their searchfield! Yesterday I was making a Facebook page before going to registration service provider and, whilst the Facebook page creation’s done just a while later the domain was already registered by someone using your name as registrar! I think this will attract Intellectual Property Right laws too! Is there any solution other than cursing myself ill fated! Please, suggest me !
    Looking forward,
    LP (

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