Overlapping Sets: From Rio to Delhi

The second Internet Governance Forum in Rio de Janeiro continued the slow but steady movement to clarify the critical Internet governance issues. The Forum discussed, for the first time, the initial issue that prompted the international focus on Internet governance, critical Internet resources. It also explored the other clusters that had been identified: openness, diversity, access and security and further refined these. But the main result, not as well noticed, is a growing recognition that the key issues have less to do with the clusters than with where they overlap and conflict.

Money and Advice for the Internet Governance Forum: The structure of the MAG and financing the IGF Secretariat

The Internet Governance Forum (IGF) is now moving through its second year and two institutional issues have emerged in the open-ended consultations and in the discussions among stakeholders: how is the Multi-stakeholder Advisory Group (MAG) that is supposed to provide advice on management of the IGF to be structured and...