China: Real-name registration required in online bulletins

Last month, in a speech to China's top legislature, Wang Chen, director of State Council Information Office of China, introduced that “we are also exploring an identity authentication system for users of online bulletin board systems”. Identity authentication, or real-name registration in China’s online environment has been discussed intensively in the past few years, however, Wang Chen’s speech is regarded as the first official announcement of the government enforcement to disable anonymity in popular news portals and business websites.

Google's Leaving China-What do Chinese People Think?

Google announced its new approach in China: An update in March, 22, 2010, two month after its initial announcement in January that the company no longer wants to operate a filtered search engine in China. The final decision is to redirect to to provide uncensored search in simplified Chinese.

Google launched in January 2006, agreeing to follow the requirement from the government of China that the search engine would censor input queries and offer filtered results. Some of the sensitive keywords will return no results and some will return filtered results with the notice “According to the local law and regulation, some of the search results are not displayed.”