The Internet Governance ProjectOn June 30, 2005, the United States Department of Commerce National Telecommunications and Information Administrtation (NTIA) released the “US Statement of Principles on the Internet’s Domain Name and Addressing System.” The Internet Governance Project (IGP) has issued the following response to the NTIA’s declaration. We applaud the attention Commerce Department officials are giving to this critical issue. The NTIA’s declaration is welcome as a formalization of current US policy, in advance of the now-released report of the UN Working Group on Internet Governance. However, the debate has moved on, and so too must US policy. We make 7 points in response to the “Statement of Principles” showing the direction we believe is in the interests of the United States and the world.Suggested citation: Internet Governance Project, “The Future US Role in Internet Governance: 7 points in response to the US Commerce Department’s “Statement of Principles”” (July 28, 2005). Internet Governance Project. Paper IGP05-007. Available at https://www.internetgovernance.org/pdf/igp-usrole.pdf