The government of France has weighed in with a positive statement on the ICANN Affirmation of Commitments. The full text is available here in French and in English. Notable aspects of the French statement: it “reaffirms the need to enhance the role of governments in the current Internet governance mechanisms;” unlike the U.S., it specifically mentioned the need to “uphold citizens’ rights” and “enabl[e] diverse forms of expression” in setting ICANN policies; it asks ICANN to initiate “a broad and inclusive consultation process” regarding the implementation of the AoC; it calls upon ICANN to make use of the IGF to involve “actors that do not ordinarily take part in its activities.”

2 thoughts on “France on the ICANN Affirmation

  1. Americans will be busy with the FCC and NTIA BroadBand Plan due in less than 140 days.
    France will have to carry the ICANN ball. The ITU will also likely want to get involved.
    ICANN is headed to Korea but few Koreans appear to be signed up for the meetings.
    Meetings at the same time in Washington, D.C. will ensure Americans do not dominate.
    The ICANN Chairman is from New Zealand. That has been the case for a long time.
    Australians also play a major role in ICANN. Americans are focused on other topics.

  2. Looks like another fast one may be in the IANA works.
    When ICANN was formed, the IANA was left out and then quietly slipped in while
    people were not looking. When discovered, ICANN acted like it was always part
    of the deal.
    Now, with ICANN leaving the U.S., it looks like the IANA may fall in the cracks.
    There is no contract posted beyond September 30, 2009.
    This may be the reverse of what happened when ICANN was created. Over time,
    people might notice the IANA has been distributed between the RIRs, ISOC, IETF
    and ICANN. It would be hard to restore a single source contract. The insiders
    will laugh all the way to the bank with the billion dollar spectrum gold mine
    they slipped past Uncle Sam.

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