29 thoughts on “.EU registry asks: Who owns the Internet?

  1. It may be an interesting academic study to nail down “What is the Internet” ?
    Does The.Internet require TCP.IP and IANA.INC ?

  2. Who owns the SneakerNET?
    If you walk into StarBucks with your 2 TerraByte USB Drive and they pump it with FREE Videos while you sip your latte; then you take your videos home and play them via your DLNA HD TV; Is that the Internet ?
    Who owns the SneakerNET?

  3. Beware!! They are developing their “Funding Model”
    Keep your eye on those IPv4 .SWAMP /8s
    Note they are worried about having too much surplus
    cash in their non-profit. They must not have discovered
    the “Reserve Fund” ploy.
    $50,000,000+ in the ICANN Reserve? For what?
    ISOC ?
    ARIN ?
    NANOG ?

  4. Expect .TV prices to go up, way up
    http://Managed.DNS is the new High Ground.
    Several companies will be rolling out turn-key solutions.
    A client like ABC.TV may have to pay $5,000 per year
    to have their .TV asset managed. That would inclusion in
    ALL of the major DNS Platforms, that consumers use.
    The ICANN CEO is right, .NET is a dead TLD.
    .ORG is too confusing. Expect .TV prices to go up, way up (.FCC is happy)

  5. Being an ICANN Registrar is StooPid.
    The new Managed,DNS software selects the /biggest/cheapest
    Registrar which is the only one left.
    http://Managed.DNS is the new High Ground.
    Managed.DNS << 11 letters an IPv6 address - no DNS

  6. People are discovering how ISOC and IETF insiders
    use their personal info and business intelligence
    and trade secrets for their gain ?
    Privacy ? What privacy ?
    Ethics ? not what the E in IETF stands for

  7. The newly formed U.S. Cyber Command is supposed to centralize and focus the military's ability to wage war over the Internet, but so far it's basically famous for brainteasers. The command's fancy logo contains a super-secret code in its inner gold ring: 9ec4c12949a4f31474f299058ce2b22a

  8. ICANN continues to sign-up countries that do not exist
    .SI next ?

  9. IETF Geeks are Clueless about privacy
    Headed to .EU to “Practice” for China
    Oblivious to DNA samples, cell phone bugs, GPS following, dossiers
    Maybe some Columbian Cavity Searches will wake them up?

  10. Are ICANN employees traveling on Diplomatic Passports?
    Diplomatic passport
    Issued to diplomats for work-related travel, and to accompanying dependents. Although most diplomats with diplomatic immunity carry diplomatic passports, having a diplomatic passport is not the equivalent of having diplomatic immunity. A grant of diplomatic status, a privilege of which is diplomatic immunity, has to come from the government of the country in relation to which diplomatic status is claimed.

  11. He winds up in California for six years, and is shown “studying” various human potential movements: Naked Hot Tub Encounter Sessions, in Santa Rosa; Primal Arm-Wrestling, in Sacramento; the Beyond Jogging Movement, in Stockton; Higher Essence Colonic Irrigation Therapy, in Monterey; and The Whole Man Movement, in Auburn. In 1980, Django is shown entering Fort Bragg, with long braided hair and a third eye painted on his forehead.

  12. Jaw-Dropping – ICANN Executive (in Twitter Tweet) does not know that CALIFORNIA is on the WEST Coast of the US.

  13. @FCC Susan Crawford Distances From ICANN
    Fascinating, seems difficult to find anyone who is/was responsible
    or accountable for what ICANN has done (or not done).
    The FCC takes the high-ground and does not even consider ICANN exists. The FCC has the long history, not ICANN. The FCC gets to have a clean sheet start with the Internet, burying years of IANA and ICANN.

  14. More Jaw-Dropping News
    ARIN does not even know who uses the IP Address Space
    they claim to manage.
    One might assume that ARIN (and ICANN) can reclaim
    space each year when people do not pay. Since they
    DO NOT PAY anything, there is no interchange to reclaim
    Bogus claims of being Out of Address Space are based
    on poor IANA management and lack of knowledge.
    What do 150+ people DO at ICANN every day ?
    Why is the ICANN non-profit CEO paid a million dollars a year ?

  15. Classic HARVARD
    Esther Dyson's alma mater was instrumental in shaping ICANN
    via those hallowed halls of The Berkman Center.
    NOW that ICANN is dead, The Berkman Center wants to do the
    Autopsy on the remains. They also want to be paid.
    J Zittrain, now co-opted by the ISOC, is one of the players.
    One goal is of course to keep all eyes away from the .ORG RE-BID and the PIR and Afilias finances, offshore in Ireland and Switzerland.

  16. HARARE, Zimbabwe (AP) — Zimbabwe's president said Tuesday his nation will sell its massive reserves of [TLDS] diamonds despite not receiving authorization from the world's [domain] diamond control body [ICANN].
    A defiant President Robert Mugabe on Tuesday told lawmakers diamond [domain] sales have “huge potential” to revive the shattered economy. He said Zimbabwe can account for one-fourth of the world's diamond supply.
    The Kimberley Process diamond [domain] certification scheme [DNSSEC] has not authorized international sales amid allegations of killings, human rights violations and corruption in the massive diamond fields discovered in eastern Zimbabwe in 2006.

  17. Reading the tea leaves, the “High Ground” is the Good Karma Road
    1. Start by pretending ICANN does not exist and never did
    2. FCC starts with the User Experience and not ICANN
    3. Isolate ISOC IETF ICANN by simply not inviting them
    4. Build IT and they will come – [they] being [the good people, the people you want]

  18. .JOBS Summary
    1. Yet another example of why Sponsored TLDs with Artificial (Concocted) Charters fail.
    2. No mention of Steve.JOBS or Blow.JOBS or Joe.JOBS
    3. No mention of a RE-BID because of “New?” Charter
    4. Numerous replays of the same tired “Community” Mantra and claims of “innovations”. Innovations? with ASCII strings ? Sheesh
    ICANN and their Cult Followers are really into this deep

  19. “We have it in our power to begin the world over again.”
    (Thomas Paine, Common Sense, 1776)

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