The Global Internet Governance Academic Network (GigaNet) is seeking submissions of research to be presented at its Seventh Annual Symposium to be held on 5 November 2012, one day before the United Nations Internet Governance Forum (IGF) in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Since 2006, GigaNet has organized an Annual Symposium to showcase research about Internet Governance. The GigaNet scholarly community is interdisciplinary, and includes computer science, law, political science, economics, communications, information studies and others. As in previous years, the symposium will provide room to discuss current and future questions as well as the challenges encountered and results achieved in Global Internet Governance.

GigaNet is interested in receiving abstracts related to the following topics:

  • Internet policies on freedom of expression (censorship, kill-switches, filtering, policies that promote free expression, corporate social responsibility)
  • Internet freedom and governance in regions in transition (Arab region, etc.)
  • From PIPA to ACTA: National and international agreements on online copyright enforcement
  • Cyber-security, the state and international relations
  • Dataveillance and privacy – the economic perspective
  • Global Internet infrastructure policy (net neutrality, peering and interconnection, ASN assignment, routing infrastructure security, etc.)
  • Innovative methods for Internet Governance research
  • The role of the UN and intergovernmental institutions in global Internet Governance
  • Research on the implementation or effects of ICANN’s new gTLD program
  • IP addressing: economic and technical challenges of scarcity and governance
  • Internet governance and development

Other topics not on the list are welcome as long as they fall within the field of Internet governance studies.

Interested scholars should submit abstracts of research paper no later than 20 May 2012, at the Easy Chair platform:

The Program Committee members will evaluate the abstracts submitted and decisions will be sent to applicants by email before 15 June 2012.

Accepted papers for oral presentations should be followed by a full research paper to be sent by 30 September 2012.

Please read the complete Call for Papers ([download id=”36″]) for submission details.