On November 10, 2023, we convened a diverse group of experts at the National Academies of Sciences in Washington D.C. for our 8th Annual Workshop. Our goal? To examine the critical question: what should national security look like in a globally connected digital economy?

Today, we’re excited to release a summary report of our workshop discussions. Leading voices in the field provided a range of perspectives and found common ground in recommending the following actions to the United States Government (USG):

1. Move beyond country-of-origin as the primary risk factor for the digital economy. In cybersecurity discussions, the USG should avoid focusing solely on a technology’s country of origin as a risk indicator.

2. Prioritize open markets, not mirroring restrictions. When addressing techno-economic security concerns, the USG should aim to negotiate for greater openness in China’s ICT and data markets instead of mirroring China’s restrictive approach to information flows.

3. Foster real collaboration between national security and economic interests. To ensure a balanced approach, the USG should appoint “dual-hatted” individuals to serve in both the National Security Council (NSC) and the National Economic Council (NEC). This would allow for simultaneous evaluation of potential benefits and risks, informed by appropriate metrics.

We hope the full report can help foster a more nuanced public policy discussion about how to optimize the security-growth equation.

Access the report here.