As most of you know, the Inaugural Internet Governance Forum (IGF)
in Athens spawned a number of "Dynamic Coalitions.” These multisakeholder Dynamic Coaliations (DCs) were designed to include all interested parties from both developed and developing countries, and to advance the work of the Forum.  One of these DCs, the Online Collaboration Dynamic Coalition (OCDC), has developed a suite of collaboration
to facilitate a degree of online participation at the upcoming
Internet Governance Forum in Rio. 
While there are still some ongoing debates about the specific modalities
for remote participation, the site is designed for all IGF stakeholders, and
registration is open to any interested party from around the world. For more information, or to register for the site, go to:; or see the attached flyer (in pdf).
For additional means of participating remotely in the IGF Workshops co-sponsored by the Internet Governance Project and other partners, please check the IGP events page.