GigaNet Panel on Critical Policy Issues Well Received

The final of three panels at the 2007 GigaNet Annual Symposium was convened to address the distinct set of policy issues critical to the global Internet Governance debates. GigaNet Steering Committee member, Seiiti Arata, Jr., moderated the panel, and it consisted of four excellent papers (Ian Brown/Chris Marsden were not present).

GigaNet Annual Symposium 2007 Now Underway in Rio

The 2nd Annual Symposium of the Global Internet Governance Academic Network (GigaNet) is now underway in the Windsor Barra Hotel in Rio de Janeiro Brazil. About 100 scholars and interested participants from around the world are participating in the all day meeting. Development was the focus of the first panel was on the creation of a “Development Agenda” for Internet Governance, one that draws upon previous relevant examples such as the WIPO Development Agenda, the WTO Doha Round Development Agenda, and other relevant processes. IGP Partner, Derrick Cogburn, served as moderator for the first panel, which included four outstanding papers/presentations (most of which are available on the GigaNet portal (

IGF Rio to be Supported by Online Community

As most of you know, the Inaugural Internet Governance Forum (IGF)
in Athens spawned a number of "Dynamic Coalitions.” These multisakeholder Dynamic Coaliations (DCs) were designed to include all interested parties from both developed and developing countries, and to advance the work of the Forum.  One of these DCs, the Online Collaboration Dynamic Coalition (OCDC), has developed a suite of collaboration
to facilitate a degree of online participation at the upcoming
Internet Governance Forum in Rio.

IGF Stock-Taking and Remote Participation

The IGF Stocktaking meeting is up and running, and they have worked hard to faciliate some level of remote participation in the meeting. For example, they make all of the archives from the Athens IGF meeting available, which is the subject of much of the discussion. Next, they have live...