Just as WSIS represented a discovery by the UN that we were in an information society about 30 years after it happened and 10 years after its basic institutional parameters had been set, now the UN has discovered that broadband is important, a decade after everyone else. So it assembles a blue-ribbon commission with no capital and no authority, based on the assumption that collecting the pictures of as many status-quo luminaries from industry and government as possible onto a web site will actually accomplish something. Your tax dollars at work…

7 thoughts on “Hot news: UN discovers broadband

  1. Their open and transparent email lists are a good read.
    Also, their weekend chat logs are priceless.
    Every one of them is on FB, Twitter and MySpace.
    They all own several TLD Registries, some Registrars
    and are regulars at the domainers conventions.
    You are talking some serious online players there.

  2. That group looks like it would be very comfortable working
    with Paul Twomey and Peter Dengate Thrush to create
    a new layer in the MLM.
    They could provide Over-Sight and Accountability for
    ICANN and IANA.
    The FCC Chairman is already there. Vinton Cerf could
    make sure the right people are nominated and serve.

  3. Without an audience, ICANN ceases to exist.
    ICANN is down to a couple of (illiterate?) people in their audience.

  4. Spontaneous Consensus ?
    Looks like some of that vintage Vinton Cerf “Spontaneous Consensus” is about to emerge from “the Community”
    yielding hin his own private GAC.
    Then, Cerf's crony Peter Dengate Thrush (ICANN) simply has to get that fabricated group to weigh-in on the .XXX ICM situation.
    Thanks for playing ICM – you are screwed

  5. As The Church Lady would say, “Isn't that SPECIAL”
    Vinton Cerf is so cuddly
    Disneyland Happy 55th Anniversary, Disneyland! Here's video from opening day at Disneyland, July 17, 1955 – http://bit.ly/csOuvK

  6. FCC meeting with AT&T Google Verizon and ??SKYPE?? to work out new .USA Back-Bone using IEEE & ITU protocols.
    ICANN taking steps to close ARIN to bring .ARPA in-house.

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