The IGF Stocktaking meeting is up and running, and they have worked hard to faciliate some level of remote participation in the meeting. For example, they make all of the archives from the Athens IGF meeting available, which is the subject of much of the discussion. Next, they have live webcasts (not webconferences) of the sessions available in both English and French (in both Audio and/or Video). They also have established email lists for submitting questions in either English ( or French ( The are also making verbatim transcripts of the meeting available, on a short time-delay. Finally, they have a forum set up, and space available for the dynamic coalitions. So while not yet “pefect” from the perspective of the Cotelco research agenda, this collection of resources for remote participation is a real step forward. For more information, or to participate remotely in these sessons, please go to the IGF website.

1 thought on “IGF Stock-Taking and Remote Participation

  1. The effectiveness of the remote participation in the consultation was limited. Many of us, as reported on the civil society list-serve, were unable to access the webcast and there seem to have been software problems. Clearly, if the IGF is to work, this aspect needs to be improved substantially.

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